Concert Whammyboy et My Thinking Face à Paris le 25 septembre 2023

Lundi 25 septembre 2023


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WHAMMYBOY (Space pop - Moss - NOR)

I write, produce, perform and mix all the music myself in the «studio» version. Then I bring my best friends to perform live. I make Space Pop. It's a genre I invented so I could make whatever I want hahah and I felt that it sounded just like that.

Some info about me aka my whole ass life story: I'm a norwegian artist from a small town called Moss. My father is vietnamese and my mother is norwegian. I have grown up with both cultures which has been amazing, but also hard since I for a long time struggled with feeling that I didn't belong anywhere.

Now that I'm older I'm happy and proud to be both! I think music for me was a place where I felt a sense of belonging. It was a way for me to use my energy and a space for me to zone out in.

My musical career started with Guitar Hero + me liking a lot of bands like Green Day and Rammstein hahah. I was probably like 13 or something, and I was just chilling on YouTube watching bands as per ush, then I was like: «yoo i need to learn how to play guitar» since they looked so sick! I then walked out to the living room and asked my dad if he could teach me how to play guitar.

My mom and dad played a lot of electronic music when I was young, and I think that's why I gravitated towards electronic later in life.

The energy of electronic music just does something to me hahah Anyways, it feels like my music is a summary of all the music I've loved throughout my life. 


MY THINKING FACE (Pop rock - Paris, FR)

Formé à Paris en 2014 par Nicolas Recazin, chanteur/songwriter, My Thinking Face a sorti depuis 2016 leur premier EP acoustique HOLY. Deux autres EP et un album ont sortis depuis 2018. MTF prépare son dernier album qui arrivera en printemps 2020, résolument rock et puissant, il reflète l'énergie et la passion de leurs concerts. 

La suite de la programmation arrive très vite !

Infos réservation :

Tél. 01 46 28 12 90 - Email.

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