Concert Sugar Candy Mountain - A/lpaca à Paris le 5 mai 2022

5 jeudi mai 2022


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Concerts gratuits, Nuits rock et Disquaire à Paris !


(Psych Pop - We Speak Records - Oakland, CAL)

If Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and The Flaming Lips, it would sound like this.


Les 3 influences : Os Mutantes, The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Kinks


(Psych Punk - WWNBB Collective, Sulatron Records, Sour Grapes Records - Mantova, IT)

The sound is a psychedelic motorik punk kind of; sound that inspired the theme of the album Make it Better, which focuses on the power of rhythm and beat, from the point of view of guys fascinated by the primitive influence of rhythm and its importance in the contemporary world. All this combined with youth troubles and concerns about adult life.


Jeudi 5 mai 2022

Entrée gratuite jusqu'à 23h

- Pass sanitaire obligatoire

- Ouverture des portes à 19h00

- Happy Hour de 19h à 20h (3?50 la pinte)



9 rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris

Métro Bastille (sortie rue de lyon)

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Tél. 01 46 28 12 90 - Email.

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