Concert Reptaliens - Pearz - Dinner à Paris le 1er septembre 2022

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(Synth pop - Portland, USA)

Reptaliens are ready to be direct. After exploring surreal realms of high-concept synth-pop across two acclaimed albums, the Portland, Oregon, duo found newfound clarity in a stark, grounded approach. That may seem unexpected for such a colorful act-known for heady lyrics about conspiracy theories and transhumanism-but Cole and Bambi Browning have streamlined to the lean, propulsive essentials on their self-produced new LP, Multiverse.


(Pop instrumental - London, UK)

Pearz is the enlightening and evocative project of Italian-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist Francesco Perini.

Pearz blends Italian cinematic nostalgia with contemporary sophisticated hip-hop jams and French touch coolness.


(Synth pop - Brighton, UK)

Officially formed above a tiny pub in Brighton, UK in 2020, Diner came together with a shared vision: the uneasy mystery of Lynch, the repetition of Can, the drones of Saharan blues and the dense atmosphere of Eno.


Jeudi 1 Septembre 2022

Entrée gratuite jusqu'à 23h

- Ouverture des portes à 19h00

- Happy Hour de 19h à 20h (3?50 la pinte)



9 rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris

Métro Bastille (sortie rue de lyon)

Infos réservation :

Tél. 01 46 28 12 90 - Email.

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