Concert Godspeed You ! Black Emperor à Paris le 7 novembre 2017

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor will be embarking on a considerable tour across Europe and the UK this autumn. The band has not been on the road since a significant string of dates in early 2016.

The tour kicks off in Rome, with two special performances of a collaborative project with Canadian dance company Holy Body Tattoo. Godspeed's collaboration on the troupe's renowned monumental piece has been shown across the world in performing arts festivals and halls since its premiere at Vancouver's PuSh Performing Arts Festival in January 2016.

Fribourg (CH) will mark the beginning of the band's own progress with stops in France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. The tour will end at Paris' Elysée Montmartre on 07 November. Please see below for a complete list of dates