Concert The Picturebooks - Bellhound Choir à Paris le 8 novembre 2017

8 mercredi novembre 2017


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(Blues rock - Another Century - Allemagne)

Primal blues-rock duo THE PICTUREBOOKS will perform their blues-saturated heavy rock on their Home Is A Heartache Tour 2017.

We are so excited about our own headlining European-tour this year. It's always fun supporting other bands like Monster Truck, Kadavar, The Answer, Les Butcherettes etc, but going out and headlining ourselves makes it so much more exciting. We can´t wait to meet the many friends we made along the way and to make new ones as we go! says Fynn Claus Grabke, Singer and Guitarist of THE PICTUREBOOKS.

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(Scandinavian folk - Bad Afro Records - Danemark)

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Christian Hede Madsen aka Bellhound Choir is now releasing his second solo album ?Worried Kid' - a contemporary blues album dealing with the struggles and winding roads of the soul. It is a record comprised of songs in their most basic form, without filter, without vanity; songs that leads the way into a very human universe, that will unfold, as one gives back.

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Tél. 01 46 28 12 90 - Email.

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